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NASA Headquarters Modern Mentoring Program

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The HQ Modern Mentoring Program is grounded in current workplace principles priding itself in being informal, situational, accessible, and personal.  The program encourages and enables HQ employees to connect across levels and experiences while building powerful knowledge sharing networks.  While leveraging the operational and historical perspective through informal relationships, the program also provides opportunities for self-directed, professional development with planned special events in the form of presentations, lectures, readings, and trainings announced throughout the year.  The hallmark of the HQ Modern Mentoring Program empowers employees to be “CEOs of their own learning and development”.  A dedicated cadre of proven leaders, seasoned managers, and technical experts make up a diverse list of mentors driven by the motivation to give back.  In summary, your mentoring network is tailored to your individual needs and wants in the spirit of knowledge transfer when it is convenient and right for you.

The HQ Modern Mentoring Program is open to all HQ civil servant employees.  The HQ Human Resources Office maintains the current list of HQ Modern Mentors.  If you would like to explore a topical area of interest and connect with a mentor, please contact the program manager at your convenience.  HQ HRO will facilitate an introduction to a possible mentor to initiate the mentoring relationship.  In addition, networking opportunities for fostering and developing mentoring relationships will present themselves at the Modern Mentoring Special Events. 

The modern workplace is a fast changing dynamic environment that requires some shifts in the way we have thought about employee development and knowledge sharing. Traditional mentoring programs are formal in nature requiring forms, applications, specific timelines, etc. as part of the process. The purpose of the NASA Headquarters Modern Mentoring Program is to provide NASA Headquarters employees the opportunity to develop professionally through informal relationships.  Modern Mentoring has a strong linkage to "Situational or Anytime Mentoring." In some cases, the mentoring relationship is used for a short time and an express purpose.

Participation in the NASA HQ Modern Mentoring Program is a contribution and a say in cultivating a culture of learning at NASA Headquarters while enhancing the Agency's legacy in meeting future challenging missions.

Please contact Chad Majiros, NASA HQ Modern Mentoring Program Manager for further information at 202.358.2243 or



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